Why Sadik Hadzovic Could WIn Mr Olympia 2017 – Classic Physique

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This video is for entertainment – information purposes. It is regarding Sadik Hadzovic’s placing at the 2016 Mr Olympia where he placed 3rd and created a somewhat controversy among a portion of the observers who believed he did not deserve that place and it may have been due to political reasons. However at the end of the day, his positive nature, online presence and ability to reach out to so many fans is more than a reason to place high (if not win) a competition in an industry where growth and mainstream development is of paramount importance. This is my opinion and very much justifies his placing regardless of how his physique compares to his opponents. Bodybuilding does revolve around the comparison of physiques but it is also important to acknowledge the persona aspect of each athlete and the relevance it has to the industry and fans.

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