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YOU GUYS! IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING! After years of making videos for fun, and treating each collaboration like a special guest on my own little talk show, I’m actually… starting my own real talk show?! It will air weekly on EllenTube, every Monday, and later in the week here on my channel. Ellen & the team at EllenTube are making this possible, so let’s try to give them as much love every week as we can – it really will go a long way & keep this incredible opportunity going.

I also just wanted to say that none of this would have been possible without you. You’ve watched me now for 9 years, and supporting me through the book, documentary, tour, podcast… and this is my next thing! As I said in the video, I’m not leaving y’all AT ALL, I’m just adding this to what I get to bring you each & every week! Hopefully, I’ll be able to do behind-the-scenes stuff, and still fun normal videos from my living room, so don’t you fret! PS because this is all thanks to you, I want you to be a part of it! Let me know who you want to see in future episodes – literally anyone is possible! Comment below who your dream guest is! If you read this far, click to tweet your support for my new show, I’ll be DMing people who do… I have a feeling not everyone will have read all of this, so your chances are high! :p

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If you’re reading THIS, comment below with what broadway character YOU would want to be if you could be in ANY show – that’s how I’ll know you read this far… ;] Huge thanks to everyone who made this video possible – y’all for forcing me to do silly things like yoga poses, Audible for sponsoring this video (all opinions are my own, obviously!), Hamilton for being the best show ever, and everyone who always reblogs my videos when they come out! :]