My NYC Apartment Tour

It’s here! Welcome to the place I call home in NYC! In the past, I would’ve wanted to wait to do a tour until everything was fully decorated and finished. But now, I think it’s important to show how I’m living in a space that’s a work in progress. In today’s world, it can be easy to get caught up in the idea of living in a perfectly decorated home. I’ve experienced this many times and it would send me into a spiral of impatience and comparison. What I’ve learned is, I was never present for the actual process of having a space come together. This is the first time I’ve been present for all of it: the good, the frustrating, and the boring. And you know what? I think it’s a pretty magical thing to love something that isn’t perfect.

I’m in the process of slowly decorating and putting my place together. I’ll be sharing updates in real-time on Instagram, so make sure you’re following me if you’d like to see everything!

WEEKLY UPDATE: This week has been filled with LOTS of changes on the decor front. I’ve decided to focus on one area at a time and the office/guest room is the first to get a makeover. I’ve ordered a new desk, a wall sconce, and shelving. Chairs also arrived and wallpaper just went up yesterday. It feels so good to see some progress because it makes me excited AND helps me practice patience. It can be hard waiting for things to come together, especially when deliveries are drawn out and it takes time to make decisions. But this week has made me realize that there *is* a payoff to thoughtfulness and patience. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but it’s looking like the office might be finished in the next couple weeks. That’s a small victory to celebrate for sure. ❤️



Shoe rack

Entryway dresser

Coffee maker

Kitchenaid mixer

The Farmer’s Dog

Moso Air Purifying Bag

Dining table

Dining chairs


Broom Command hooks

Command shower caddy







Moving Vlog: LA to NYC


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