My LA – NYC Moving Vlog

Make sure to come back here next week for my NYC Apartment Tour going up on 9/28 @ 2pm ET! Also, since a lot of you have liked my weekly updates in the description of my videos, I’ve decided to keep them going. You can find this week’s below!

I’m in the process of slowing decorating and putting my place together. I’ll be sharing updates in real-time on Instagram, so make sure you’re following me if you’d like to see everything!

WEEKLY UPDATE: Wow, this has definitely been A WEEK. I got back from a whirlwind trip to Europe almost exactly a week ago. There’s SO much that happened (if you follow me on IG, then you know most of it) and I’m still getting settled back into my regular routine. On one hand, it was amazing. I had two speaking engagements (public speaking was a goal I set for myself this year) and they both went really well. I got to meet wonderful people and it was incredible experiencing the payoff of all the brainstorming, writing, practicing and nerves leading up to the events. On the other hand, things that happened between the events were less than ideal. I felt the physical toll of being on a plane every single day. Jet lag was REAL. We got into a car accident right after getting off one flight. We got taken to the wrong airport when we were trying to make our connecting flight back to the U.S. My mom (who was with me and was SO excited to see me working for the first time ever) ended up getting sick because it was all a lot to handle. I had a third speaking engagement the morning after arriving back in the U.S. and was exhausted. I’ve been reflecting on the last week a lot while also taking time to recover from all the adrenaline spikes and fatigue. It’s interesting how life can be exciting and invigorating but at the same time, stressful and unpleasant. Even though there have been some hard moments recently, I feel grounded in who I am and my purpose in life. It’s something I’ve never really felt with such clarity until now. I’m grateful for that because it has definitely been my guiding light through all the ups and downs. ❤️








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