Dwayne The Rock Johnson Is Going To Prom? | The Loop

Welcome to The Loop, where we show you EVERYTHING you need to know about the internet this week. In this episode, we dive into The Rock’s prom invitation, an NBA roast session with Sam Grubbs, and the hopeful new host of Blue’s Clues!

0:18 – Mitt Romney at the NBA Playoffs
0:57 – NBA Roast Session
2:53 – VR Ice Cream Toss
3:36 – Underwater Subway
3:51 – Monkey Phone Thief
4:46 – Blue’s Clues is BACK!
6:57 – Asking The Rock To Prom
10:05 – Loop of the Week – Waterslide Fail

COMMENT with a celebrity you think would make the BEST prom date!

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